So I submitted “you’re COLOR” to the iTunes App store last Thursday Sept. 29th, and have been checking my email everyday since like:

This morning, in me email, I saw this:

And worry as I did about whether it’d be rejected:

A couple of hours later I saw this:


Followed by:

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you’re COLOR in the App Store!

We all want to be happy, but life can turn rough. This book will teach smiles, share color, and lots of stuff. you’re COLOR, that’s enough!

you’re COLOR is a picture book about finding color and happiness. For ages 7+ you’re COLOR is a children’s book set in a familiar far off place. A boy with a beard, the boy being named Griz, lives in a world that’s pretty black and white. There you have to find your color. Through the eyes of his dog Otter, Griz finds color in different people and places as he figures out which colors stick like they should.

This app features narration and music set behind a beautifully illustrated world. Children will be able finger swipe through the pages and read the words that Otter narrates. The subtle sounds of the storybook world accompany the readers as they pour over the detailed full color drawings. From the menu at the bottom or by touching each page, kids can turn the narration on or off for guided or independent reading. There is a page slider to jump to your favorite pages, and a link to visit to find free art activities and lessons.

you’re COLOR is an ebook that will excite young and old as they learn how to find their color!

Written & Illustrated by Jasey Crowl
Narration by Grace Stevens
Sound Design by Pat Janssen
"Zoo Song" written and performed by Mick Simons

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Original art and writing © Jasey M. Crowl 2011