I finally got my proofs, and other than a few minor tweaks and one little printing error they are gorgeous!!!  Oh goodness, it’s happening.  Soon they’ll be available online, and then hopefully on the shelves!!!  Next:  The coloring/activity book!

Creating an entire children’s book is quite the process.  I highly recommend it.  A little more drawing, then on to the text!

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Original art and writing © Jasey M. Crowl 2011

Help KICKSTART “you’re COLOR”!!!

Friends, family, and strangers:

Otter and Jasey need you…

Help KickStart “You’re Color”!!!

"There are millions of colors! Some hues you can’t see.

To pick just one favorite, how can it be?”

My first children’s book “you’re COLOR” is a book for little grown-ups set in a black and white land where your happiness colors your world.  To get the book off the ground, out to publishers, and into bookstores I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the initial print run and I’m asking for help.   Kickstarter is a website that functions like a pledge drive, where you pledge money to help creative projects come to fruition.  In return you get rewards and merchandise for the different levels of giving.  $1 get you a shout out, $10 gets you a digital coloring book, $25 dollars for a copy of the book, $35 gets you a signed copy of the book, and larger pledges are rewarded with even bigger and better prizes!

We want to raise $1500 dollars to cover printing, marketing, and shipping costs by JUNE 25th, 2011 at 11:59pm.  This would be the greatest birthday present I could ever receive, aside from a pony I could sell for $1500.  BUT if we don’t reach $1500 by the 25th, you don’t get charged and we don’t get anything for our book…  BUT AGAIN, anything over the goal will go towards promoting and making the book the highest quality possible, as well as, developing free online art lesson plans that educators can use with the book.

See the introduction video and help fund the project here: KickStart You’re Color!!!  (and help spread the word!)

You can read more in depth about the project here:

Or watch a great CNN news special on Anderson Cooper about Kickstarter here:

About the book:

It’s about the good times and stormy times in life and how the different colors in our lives may come and go, but we always find a favorite.  Maybe you’ve moved away from friends, lost a loved one, or you’re simply feeling blue.  Just remember, you’re COLOR!

The book will be a collection of digitally painted, watercolored, and inked drawings that guide the reader through a black and white world where the things we do, and people we know color our lives. It’s a book that can be enjoyed by children of all ages, but specifically geared towards students 8 to 10 years of age. The book will not only teach children how to color their lives with happiness, but about color theory and elements of art as well. It will have an alternative exciting layout that is more conducive to  classroom reading and displaying during instruction.  The book will be 24 pages with 12 full page illustrations and 12 pages of illustrated text. I will self-publish the book through Amazon’s Createspace, as well as submit it to publishers and local bookstores.

Why help?

kick start You're Color

As many schools today face budget cuts in the millions, art teachers and their students must get even more creative in order to keep giving kids the right brain approach to learning that today’s competitive job market requires.  Once I publish the book, I’m going to donate a portion of the sales towards the school district I work for (ICEF LA) and to the National Art Educators Association.  So this isn’t just for me, it’s for the kids!

How to help:

Any amount you can help is appreciated.  Whether it’s a monetary pledge, emailing this to 10 friends, or hanging these fliers up around your office, school, or neighborhood.  IT ALL HELPS!!!   Share this on Facebook and Twitter, staple it to a pole, or drop hundreds out of a plane to spread the word! 

One of the best free ways to help:

At the top of the specific page at there should be a “like” and “send” button for Facebook.  One or both of these is an easy and free way to spread the word amongst friends of friends of friends of friends. 

Thank you

I’ve appreciated the support and encouragement of my family and friends as I moved out to L.A. to pursue my dreams of getting published, and pledging to this campaign will help make it a reality and make all of you who supported me all these years not only people who are amazing, but people who are right!

So please, go to to pledge today.  And thank you!

Jasey Crowl

Saturday Morning Drawrings - Cover Edition.

This is a promotional version of the final cover of “You’re Color” written and illustrated by me. 

A limited edition promo poster will be available soon at my Society6 studio here:

All sales go towards publishing the final edition of the book!

Original art and writing © Jasey M. Crowl 2011